Cherry Bunny - Demon Hunter


Tips: for the 1st round stand in the middle and shoot the cross since it'd damage both boobs. for round 2: the orbs are hard to dodge so just destroy 1 boob by being idle and jumping when a orb gets near your feet then the 2nd boob will be easier. for round 3: focus on dodging the flames but try to stay in the middle and you'll eventually destroy both boobs. for round 4: do the same as the last tip but whenever imps spawn try to in between them and the middle and kill any if you have the chance. for round 5: stand at a boob and wait for her to shoot first then move to the other side corner (if your at left boob run to right corner) and the last bullet you have to jump over SHE HAS TO SHOOT 1ST. for round 6: focus on the boobs and dodging imps while killing them when you get the chance and

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